Donna Wright,  a hair stylist from Manotick, Ontario is one of my very first clients. For those in the area, check her out.  “The Wright Cut”  She picked up one of my rack cards created by Coba Studios by another client Chris Chinkiwski, (great place to do business with.)  at a hair styling salon owned by yet another client Vincent Walsh of  Vincent Spa Garage.  (where my wife, daughter, grand daughter and I get our hair done)

I’m very proud of Donna and grateful to have her as a client.  Donna not only woks very hard during her exercise sessions, which she never misses, but she also is quite diligent in managing her food intake and she has been able to shed pounds of fat while increasing her upper and lower body strength by 250%!

Donna had previously worked with other trainers/gyms but the time commitment, subsequent cost and excessive frequency and volume made this unsustainable from a cost, time and training injury standpoint.  Donna has knee issues that require great care be taken to avoid aggravating.  With osteoarthritis, there may be surgery in her future, but Donna is adamant that she wants to avoid or at least delay for as long as possible.

Proper strength training, cannot replace lost cartilage however, strengthening the muscles around the knee joint can significantly help function, and can serve as “pre-hab” as well as re-hab if and when she does get surgery on her knees.  Most importantly, proper strength training should NEVER hurt you.

As a hair stylist she sees her clients about every 5 weeks, which is an ideal interval for them to notice the physical changes she is going through and ask her what she has been doing.  At this point, she enthusiastically gives me credit and passes on my information.  While I naturally am extremely appreciative, I have to point out that she deserves much of the credit, as her adherence to restricting food intake while making healthy choices is a huge part of her transformation.  Strength training will make you stronger and will be a significant catalyst in ensuring weight loss comes from fat stores rather than muscle, however, contrary to popular beliefs, there is no exercise program that will make up for bad choices in quality and quantity of food.

Donna is not alone in recommending me, and this post is mostly to say THANK YOU enthusiastically to all my clients, and to express how grateful I am to have discovered a way to change lives for the better, in minimum time and maximum safety.

The major excuse for not exercising is lack of time, and our methods eliminate that issue entirely.  The other main reason for people not continuing exercise programs are the various aches and pains that come from programs, which ironically were undertaken to improve, not hurt physical condition.