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20 Minutes Once or Twice a Week

Enjoy the Rest of Your Week Your Way

Quality of life can be measured in the number of choices we get to make. Getting back to the functional ability we had in high school and maintaining it for our entire lives will ensure:

… you can enjoy your kids and grandchildren.
… play 18 holes of golf.
… go out dancing with your partner.
… retain your independence indefinitely.

Safety and Sustainability

An optimal exercise program is one you can continue for life. If the time commitment is impractical, or, as is too often the case, you wind up hurting yourself, then you simply won’t stick with it.

Our methods were designed with safety as the first consideration (having been used safely with Osteoporosis patients) and requires minimal time.

Richard Chartrand has successfully competed in physique competitions, exercising a little over 10 minutes per week. Sound too good to be true? Book a complimentary info session and make up your own mind.

Exercise for those who hate exercising

Working out is associated with long hours in the gym, getting sweaty, and sometimes hurting yourself for the cause of fitness.
But the science says that this is all backwards.
Our workouts are safe, easy on the body and can be done by anyone regardless of age, requiring only 20 minutes per session

The safest way to get stronger, and keep independent

Our programs are designed based on the latest fitness research to maximize the gains in strength, without sacrificing safety or risking injuries.


Join other people just like you, who are enjoying life and taking care of their health.

Richard has over 35 years experience in the field of High Intensity Strength Training and evidence-based physical conditioning. He is who I go to when I need input from someone who has cutting edge insights. If you want to walk on to a bodybuilding stage, or just get in the best shape of your life, Richard can get you there.

Doug McGuff
Emergency Physician, Co-author of “Body by Science”

I hate exercise, but this is 20 minutes, I do 6 machines, I can come in from work, I don’t have to change my clothes, I can go right back to work and that is to me, what the greatest thing about it is.

Barbara Walters
Endorsing same methodology

I love this workout. And I hate to work out. 25 minutes, once a week with Melo, and I have seen incredible results! After just a few weeks, I noticed changes in my body and muscle tone. Now, after a year, I am so much stronger and more fit. It has been an easy routine to stick to – no excuses! Melo is knowledgable and fun and definitely seems invested in her clients’ success.

Kori Bokstrom Kalafer
Endorsing same methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

Is once or twice a week really enough?

In fact, you need to find a balance between catabolism (breaking down) and anabolism (building back up). There are two sides to the equation: working out and recovering from the workout.

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In order to develop speed, don't I have to train fast?

A very common error that is made in exercise programs, is to confuse the demonstration of strength, speed or so called functional activities with the best methods for actually improving these aspects.

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Is exercising to "momentary muscular failure" safe?

The “intensity” in High “Intensity” exercise, refers to the degree of effort that comes from carrying a “set” of an exercise to the point where no further repetitions are possible despite maximum effort to do so. There is a threshold of effort that must be reached in order to elicit a “growth response” for your body to adapt and get stronger. While going to complete “failure” is likely not necessary to elicit this response, it is very difficult to measure “close to failure” as many people are not truly aware of what their maximum effort can provide.

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Is your program fun?

We make a distinction between “exercise” and “recreation”, the former consisting of providing physical improvements in the safest and most efficient manner, and the latter consisting of anything you do for “fun” and enjoyment, which may well include sports and other physical activities.

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What about "cardio"? Don't I need to do something for my heart and lungs?

While we encourage clients to be active between sessions, our programs will create global benefits, that go far beyond simply increasing strength including positive cardiovascular adaptations

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