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My Story

I first discovered “high intensity strength training” around 1981, when reading The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book by Ellington Darden PHD. Immediately, I realized the logic behind the methodology as opposed to the arbitrary nature of everything I’d read to that point. Almost 40 years later, the scientific evidence has reinforced that these ideas were far ahead of their time. Over time these concepts have evolved and improved, in order to maximize efficiency and safety, allowing people to SUCCESSfully reap the benefits of proper exercise for decades. The reason this is SUSTAINABLE is because people can stick to something that only takes a few minutes a week and does not contribute to the wear and tear on connective tissue that is so common with many exercise recommendations.

After working for 30 years in the financial services industry, throughout which I followed this exercise regimen on my own, including competing in, winning and/or placing in a few natural bodybuilding contests (exercising less than 20 minutes per week), I’ve decided to pursue my passion of helping people to achieve their optimal physical results by starting this personal training business.

I am confident that these methods can help athletes young and old to maximize their performance, but for many of my clients their goal is to “age gracefully” ensuring that their physical independence is maintained well into their golden years (I know of clients in their nineties).

Ideal Training Environment

We have the ultimate exercise facility, designed to provide you with an ideal training environment with the right privacy. During your workout only you and your instructor are allowed in the training area.

There are no Distractions, no mirrors, no music, no phones ringing, no children, no loud colors, no plants, foliage or decorations. The perfect environment for you to work towards your goals.

Constant Supervision

Your instructor will monitor every aspect of your workout, never leaving to answer the phone or deal with other clients. He will be there focused on what you are doing, helping you get the best of your workout.

My Mission & Vision



Efficiency (Eliminate Inessential)
Safety (Minimize Risk)
Optimal Results
Comprehensiveness (Recognizing Interdependence of Multiple Factors)
Customization (Based on Individual Needs and Goals)
Education (Understanding Improves Outcomes)


What We Do

High Intensity
To stimulate your body to make an adaptive change, your exercise intensity must cross a certain threshold before your body will respond. By training to muscular failure, we send an alarm to your body that more muscle and improved metabolic are needed. Also, we use a training protocol called “SuperSlow” which involves lifting and lowering the weights over a 10 second time frame. This eliminates acceleration and momentum which keeps the muscle under continuous load and more effectively fatigues the muscle.
Brief Workouts
All of our workouts last 35 minutes or less. We desire the minimum amount of exercise that will produce the stimulus for adaptation. Anything beyond this amount of exercise only acts to consume precious recovery resources.
Infrequent Workouts
Reaching the required stimulus intensity threshold consumes a large amount of your body’s resources and the subsequent adaptive changes are metabolically expensive. Replenishing resources and making metabolic investments takes time. Reintroducing the stimulus (a workout) too soon will interrupt these processes. During the first few weeks, many of our clients train twice a week. Within 2-3 weeks, many of our clients graduate to once a week training
Precise Record-Keeping
Keeping precise records of your workout performance allows us to know if we are manipulating the variables of intensity, duration, and frequency appropriately. By doing this our clients can show progress on every exercise of every workout.

The Best Equipment

We use Nautilus, Dynavec and Hammer Strength. Our body composition tool is made by Inbody and is considered 95% accurate compared to Dexa.

Environmental Control

The temperature is kept at a stable 65 degrees F.

Research has shown that this is the optimal temperature for performing high intensity exercise. Also the facility is impeccably clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is once or twice a week really enough?
In fact, you need to find a balance between catabolism (breaking down) and anabolism (building back up). There are two sides to the equation: working out and recovering from the workout.

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In order to develop speed, don't I have to train fast?
A very common error that is made in exercise programs, is to confuse the demonstration of strength, speed or so called functional activities with the best methods for actually improving these aspects.

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Is exercising to "momentary muscular failure" safe?
The “intensity” in High “Intensity” exercise, refers to the degree of effort that comes from carrying a “set” of an exercise to the point where no further repetitions are possible despite maximum effort to do so. There is a threshold of effort that must be reached in order to elicit a “growth response” for your body to adapt and get stronger. While going to complete “failure” is likely not necessary to elicit this response, it is very difficult to measure “close to failure” as many people are not truly aware of what their maximum effort can provide.

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Is your program fun?
We make a distinction between “exercise” and “recreation”, the former consisting of providing physical improvements in the safest and most efficient manner, and the latter consisting of anything you do for “fun” and enjoyment, which may well include sports and other physical activities.

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He Understands the science.

For many years, I have followed Rick’s career on the Internet. He understands physical fitness and how to use science to solve problems. Listen to him and apply his guidelines.


Ellington Darden, Phd
 is an exercise researcher, named one of the top ten health leaders by the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. A pioneer of the Nautilus Training System, he is the author of more than seventy five books, including The New High-Intensity Training. He lives in Orlando, Florida.


Richard can get you there.

Richard has over 35 years experience in the field of High Intensity Strength Training and evidence-based physical conditioning. He is who I go to when I need input from someone who has cutting edge insights. If you want to walk on to a bodybuilding stage, or just get in the best shape of your life, Richard can get you there.

Doug McGuff
Emergency Physician, Co-author of "Body by Science"


Feeling strong and confident!

I have been working out in Richard's studio for a number of weeks now and have not felt this strong and confident in a long time. I love the fact that I can work out for about 20 minutes twice a week. This is great for someone with a busy schedule! I highly recommend you give this a try. I also love your extensive music collection. You rock!

Joanne Carmichael

Injury free for decades to come!

Rick is extremely knowledgeable about strength training. His workouts are incredibly time efficient and most importantly, the slow motion low force method is extremely safe so I know this is something I will be able to continue, injury free for decades to come. Also, his methods, provide improvements in my cardiovascular fitness as well as my strength all in one workout.

Warren Weiss

A safe environment

I appreciate that Rick gives me his undivided attention during my work out. The fact that I feel comfortable "feeling the burn" but in a safe environment is important to me.

Anna Van Adrichem-Rochon

I have never worked out in my life. I never thought of myself as a "gym" person, or someone who could be strong. But only a few weeks with Richard and its now a highlight of my week. My posture is way better, from head to toe im stronger for day to day life, and because I am investing in my health in this way, its making taking my health in other ways like eating and walking more seriously. Thanks for all you do Richard!

Micheal Pacitto Client headshotMicheal Luigi Pacitto - Market Pie

I've had my fair share of experience working out at the gym, doing crossfit and even gymnastics classes but this by far has to be the safest, quickest and results-oriented approach. Coach Richard is great! He creates an inviting experience for people of all fitness levels and helps you get out what you need in a short 20-minute workout. It may be quick, but nobody said it was easy! I recommend connecting with Richard and trying it out for yourself. The name Sustainable Success, says it all.

Scott Rust 

A stickler for proper form!

Richard Chartrand is an excellent trainer, who explains throughly what is expected of his clients and is a stickler for proper form. One who wants to overcome a training plateau, avoid injury, and have sustained success for life fitness and health should check out Richards home based strength studio. I personally loved his gluteator machine. My buns felt the workout!

Cindy Little

Getting back into Fitness

“I was previously a pretty fit competitive athlete. But when I wanted to get back into fitness again after having a baby, my body struggled to train the way I used to. I was exhausted and just not up to my previous training regimen and didn’t know what to do. Training with Richard was fantastic because he was able to tailor our workouts to what I needed each day - whether I’d had six hours sleep or two! Using his methods, I was quickly able to regain strength and confidence and get back to my regular training program. What seemed at first almost too simple and gentle to work actually turned out to be really effective. Richard’s style and demeanour also made the workouts fun and positive at a time when that was just what I needed. Plus we did it all online so I didn’t need to waste time travelling! I would really encourage any other sleep-deprived new moms struggling to get fit again to give Richard a try. It was the best gift I could give myself.”

- Lindsey (Melbourne, Australia)

Optimal results with longevity in mind

Mr. Chartrand is a very knowledgeable physical culturalist whose understanding and methods not only ensure optimal results but do so with longevity in mind. His ways save time and have certainly helped me a lot. Physical culture is kept alive by the efforts of those like him and for that, I cannot recommend him as a guide enough for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Parakram Singh Shekhawat