Recently, I receive the following unsolicited email from Geraldine Taylor:

“Good Morning Richard,

Thank you for your excellence.

It is a pleasure to improve the state of my aging body with your guidance.

Your patience, support, kindness and knowledge instill trust and dedication.

I will recommend you to everyone I know.

You are the best!


Geraldine Taylor

613 808 8912


Sales Representative

Keller Williams Integrity Realty, Brokerage

2148 Carling Ave, Units 5 & 6, Ottawa ON K2A 1H1

613 829 1818





Geraldine started out working in my studio using state of the art equipment, but at time of this writing (COVID 19), we are restricted to virtual training, using zoom technology, and mostly timed static contraction methodology.  (TSC)
Interestingly, two of my clients recently had occasion to perform dynamic exercise for the first time since using TSC almost exclusively in the last almost two months.  In both cases, performance was at least as good, and on a few exercises significantly better!
In fact, for one exercise, the weight used was double checked, as it “felt too light”…. showing that TSC and virtual training is not necessarily something you have to “settle for”, but that in some ways it may offer equal or even superior benefits.
The degree of effort put into each exercise (intensity) i.e. “pushing to failure” is always the most important component for producing results.  Machines and special equipment can be more efficient, somewhat safer particularly for vulnerable populations, and ensure that muscles are following natural plane of motion for the joints being used, but the magic is NOT in the machine, it is in the person’s maximum volitional effort.  TSC is VERY intense!
That’s why, I feel privileged, and truly inspired whenever I train my clients.  Like Geraldine, they have bought into the need to “do their best, in order to be their best”, and as such I get to witness true human flourishing, which is a very amazing thing.
Thanks to Geraldine, and all my clients for inspiring me by putting in your very best efforts!
Contact info to find out how to join this group of elite achievers:  richard@sustainablesuccess.ca or 613-215-0531 ext 2 or text or call cell 613-218-6420