Strength Training Packages


Additional Packages:

Nutritional Counselling/Meal Replacement:  $150 for monthly counselling.

Special Considerations


Research shows that once weekly results in almost identical progress to twice weekly, but you may want to opt for twice weekly, at least initially, for the following reasons:

-Early on, it will help you to learn the movements and proper executions, and help to form the habit of regular exercise.

-If you opt for once weekly, and you have to miss one, then it can be two weeks between workouts which is not optimal. If you opt for twice weekly, and you have to miss, then your next session is typically only 1-3 days away.

-Keep in mind, that you are paying for results and not time spent in the gym.

-Sessions in the same week should be separate by at least 1 day. In rare instances, where you may want/need to exercise on two consecutive days, we would focus on different muscle groups to avoid overtraining.

-Although workouts typically last less than 20 minutes, we allot 45 minutes for each session in order to spend time discussing progress and any adjustments to be made to optimize progress or to address any restrictions. It will also be good to know about your diet, sleep habits and the level of stress in your life that may affect your ability to properly recover from high intensity training.

-As clients become stronger and train more intensely, they are also able to create a greater inroad into their recovery ability and frequency and volume will need to be adjusted to ensure progress continues uninterrupted.

Special Bonus for referrals


2 Free Sessions
For any referral who comes in for a complimentary info/workout session.

2 Bonus Sessions (total of 4)
If that referral chooses to purchase a 10 session package.
 (for first package they buy, only) 

4 Bonus Sessions (total of 6)
If that referral chooses to purchase a 20 session package.
(for first package they buy, only)

Important Information


Workouts are scheduled at specific times when buying a package and unless a 12 hour notice is given, are forfeited (unless family/health emergency makes 12 hour notice impossible)

With 12 hour notice, a workout can be rescheduled subject to availability in the same week, or if not possible to another week subject to maximum 2 sessions per week.