Living Stronger Longer

I’ll be covering topics from proper exercise, nutrition, longevity, but also things like music, philosophy and anything and everything that contributes to maximizing life quality


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Doug McGuff Endorsement/Podcast/Article featuring me from 2009

PODCAST LINK Holiday Thanks  I am realizing that I have a lot to be thankful for this Holiday Season. Ultimate Exercise recently has undergone some renovations. After 11 years in the same facility, we have replaced the carpet, repainted and got some new furniture. In...

Jeff Casebolt Dynavec

Fascinating chat with one of the inventors of the Dynavec Gluteator

Mark Houghton

Bio from Mark. I began lifting weights at the age of 16 in 1982 . 39 years later , now aged 55 , I still love the challenge and rewards of resistance training. I have worked as an instructor in a gym, advised bodybuilders for contests, as well as judging such contests . I have used the strength and musculature gained to help in athletics competition , but my biggest success has been in competitive bodybuilding which has not only provided me with numerous victories and high placings , not only on the UK , but in Europe, the USA and Canada. The highlight being in 2012 , when aged 47 I won the BNBF Overall Masters Title and in the process gained my DFAC Pro Card.

Dr Bryce Lee – Living Stronger Longer (Your Best Life After 40)

Dr. Bryce Lee is a former Surface Warfare Naval Officer turned Director of Therapy and Co-founder of StrengthSpace, a provider of resistance-based exercise and physical therapy services.Bryce became a Body By Science and high-intensity strength training devotee and...

Bill DeSimone: Joint Friendly Fitness – Sustainable Success Podcast

In this podcast, I talk with Bill DeSimone about his new book: "Joint Friendly Fitness" We talk about how to stay healthy and fit while training around injuries. We discuss some of the newest research in...

Balancing enough light, and getting it at the right time!

Technology has disrupted circadian rhythms AND given us tools to adapt by adopting simple daily routines!

Why Sleep is the Most Important Pillar of Health

Dr. Ranjan Chatterjee explains why this is even more important than exercise or nutrition!