Fun is a relative term, and while many clients do tell me they enjoy the feeling of intense exertion that comes with pushing yourself safely to your limits, generally, this program does not offer what most people refer to as “fun”.

We make a distinction between “exercise” and “recreation”, the former consisting of providing physical improvements in the safest and most efficient manner, and the latter consisting of anything you do for “fun” and enjoyment, which may well include sports and other physical activities.

Recreation is also an important part of quality of life providing many benefits, including psychological benefits. In the case of sports, there can also be an “exercise effect”, but. we generally encourage people to participate in “exercise” to improve their performance, and minimize the chance of injury in “recreation” activities, rather than participating in “recreation” to improve physical condition, because this is usually far less efficient and has a greater probability of injury. If “fun” is a priority for you in your exercise program, and you find it lacking, bear in mind, the time commitment is very short, allowing you to maximize the time you would like to spend on other “fun” activities.

If your “recreation” activities happen to consist of non physical activities such as reading, photography etc, then you can achieve all the physical benefits you need through our programs and simply staying active in between. (Don’t stay seated for hours at a time)