I first discovered “high intensity strength training” around 1981, when reading The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book by Ellington Darden PHD. Immediately, I realized the logic behind the methodology as opposed to the arbitrary nature of everything I’d read to that point. Almost 40 years later, the scientific evidence has reinforced that these ideas were far ahead of their time. Over time these concepts have evolved and improved, in order to maximize efficiency and safety, allowing people to SUCCESSfully reap the benefits of proper exercise for decades. The reason this is SUSTAINABLE is because people can stick to something that only takes a few minutes a week and does not contribute to the wear and tear on connective tissue that is so common with many exercise recommendations.

After working for 30 years in the financial services industry, throughout which I followed this exercise regimen on my own, including competing in, winning and/or placing in a few natural bodybuilding contests (exercising less than 20 minutes per week), I’ve decided to pursue my passion of helping people to achieve their optimal physical results by starting this personal training business.

I am confident that these methods can help athletes young and old to maximize their performance, but for many of my clients their goal is to “age gracefully” ensuring that their physical independence is maintained well into their golden years (I know of clients in their nineties).

Ideal Training Environment



We have the ultimate exercise facility, designed to provide you with an ideal training environment with the right privacy. During your workout only you and your instructor are allowed in the training area.

There are no Distractions, no mirrors, no music, no phones ringing, no children, no loud colors, no plants, foliage or decorations. The perfect environment for you to work towards your goals.

Constant Supervision


Your instructor will monitor every aspect of your workout, never leaving to answer the phone or deal with other clients. He will be there focused on what you are doing, helping you get the best of your workout.

My Mission & Vision





Efficiency (Eliminate Inessential)

Safety (Minimize Risk)

Optimal Results