Dr. Bryce Lee and Lawrence Neal have an amazing discussion on this podcast .  While it deals with the legitimacy of “Muscle Activation Techniques”, they dive deeper into how anecdotal evidence, the challenge of designing proper research methodology to prove something conclusively as per the scientific method and placebo effects make it difficult for anyone to claim to have a “magic sauce”.

Is our method, the “best”?  No one, including myself can make that claim, but I can confidently say that this will increase strength, in the minimum time commitment and with the lowest risk of acute or chronic injuries, and as a result, improve functional ability for clients as far into their senior years as possible, thus significantly improving Quality of Life!

Perhas, the “best” exercise is the one you can stick to for life!  If the time commitment is unrealistic or if you suffer from either acute or chronic injury as a side effect of a program, you will not stick with it, no matter how effective someone claims it may be.  That is the whole idea being “Sustainable” success…. I can’t claim this is the “best” but I am quite comfortable claiming it is very, very sustainable over a lifetime and that is may be “best for you” as result.

Note: Dr. Bryce Lee is a doctor of physical therapyas well as the owner of a facility like mine.  Bryce’s twitter page is here.    Lawrence Neal has a website/business called High Intensity Business that caters to helping facility owners and their clients to achieve maximum success.  Both of these are excellent resources for the reader.

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All the best with your fitness and health goals!