Photo by Foto Garage AG on Unsplash

Over the years, protein has been a controversial topic.  In some cases, it has been touted as the panacea to getting large muscles, and those claims in turn have been criticized as a sales pitch to sell useless supplements.  Ultimately, excessively large muscles belong to the winners of the “best sperm and egg lottery”.  In other words, having the right parents trumps almost everything else.  Having said this, the latest research does show that adequate protein does make a significant difference.  on MedX Precision Fitness’* website, they are promoting adequate protein through a novel program for their clients.  I encourage you to peruse the research links that present convincing evidence for the benefits of protein consumption when engaging in resistance training.

Also, intermittent Fasting has been shown to dramatically increase our release of human growth hormone.  Many people have already found it to be a relatively straightforward way to release body fat, as well as provide other health benefits.  Much has been written about foods that are either “bad” for us or “good” for us, but I believe this lacks context.  While not a license to eat tons of junk food, I’ve come to suspect that when regularly giving your body the opportunity to properly process what you eat during periods of not eating (a first world problem:  being able to eat throughout our waking hours), our systems have a pretty amazing ability to extract and use what is good, and filter out the bad.  The following link shows the effects of intermittent fasting on human growth hormone.

Coupled with safe strength training as offered by Sustainable Success which emphasizes proper recovery (sleep is critical, if you are sleep deprived, you may be straightening deck chairs on the Titanic, no matter what else you do.) intermittent fasting and adequate protein may well be the catalysts needed to take your progress to the next level.


*MedX Precision Fitness in downtown Toronto is an amazing place to maximize fitness utilizing the same methodology as Sustainable Success if you live in that area.